Q: How does VS-SENSE react with Candida?

A: In the event of Candida infection, the pH level of the vaginal discharge will remain normal. Therefore the indicator strip will not change color.

Q: Can the VS-SENSE kit replace culture and laboratory tests?

A: Laboratory tests are expensive, time consuming, and may require a second visit to the clinic. The VS-SENSE is slightly inferior in accuracy but much more efficient in time, cost and availability parameters.

Q: Which pH ranges are diagnosed by the VS-SENSE?

A: In pH levels ≤ 4.2 does not. pH levels ≥ 5.2 change the indicator tip color. pH levels between 4.2 and 5.2 the VS-SENSE change the color of the indicator tip only if the buffer capacity is low.

Q: Do I need a color scale for reading the results?

A: No, the results are simply YES or NO.

Q: Are there any conditions or limitations to using the test?

A: It is recommended to delay the test if:

  • it is less than one day before or the day after the patient’s menstruation
  • if she has any signs of menstruation or any vaginal bleeding
  • it is less than 12 hours after sexual intercourse or vaginal douching
  • if her discharge is very slow due to menopause (without hormonal therapy).

Q: Is the product suitable for pregnant women?

A: Yes, but it should be noted that positive color can be a result of amniotic fluid leak.

Q: Can I test patients during their menstruation period?

A: It is recommended to delay the use of the product during menstruation since the vaginal pH level is higher and may cause false positive results.

Q: How can I use the VS-SENSE results in my diagnosis?

A: Positive results of the VS-SENSE can help you detect BV or Trichomonas. In case of mixed vaginal infections, the test offers great help in overcoming the dominant symptoms of Candida. At the conclusion of treatment, you will also be able to examine the efficiency of the BV or Trichomonas treatments.